Odds & Ends (part 15).

  • Autumn seems to have come two or three weeks earlier this year. We had a couple cool nights at the end of last month, but even the days have been pretty bearable since October started. It’s about damn time.
  • As I mentioned before, my German friend Christian came back to Japan for a year to study Japanese. This is great, because he and I get along really well, and usually hang out at least once a week.
  • I bought another dresser last month to go with the first one, and I love it. The two now hold all the clothes I ever wear (including coats, jackets, and other seasonal stuff), with enough left over to allow a drawer for my electronics. Placing the two side by side has created a vast expanse of flat space, which means the top of my microwave is no longer cluttered. It also freed up space under my clothes-hanging bar, so I bought a hanging organizer for my shirts and pants. All of this has also allowed me to reorganize my desk. That being said, I still need to move into a bigger place.
  • The Japanese term for “cream puff” is シュークリーム, which sounds a lot like “shoe cream.” Hilarity inevitably ensues.

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