Odds & Ends (part 16).

    • After well over a year of earning points on my Family Mart T-point card, I finally got to start using them. I sent the activation form in not long after arriving here, but it apparently didn’t arrive/get processed/matter, so I wasn’t able to use the points. Until this month, that is, when my local FM got a machine that can be used for various electronic transactions, including card registration. Turns out I’d accumulated over two thousand points (at a conversion rate of one point to 1円).

    • The massive tuna they carved in front of us and served shortly after.

      The company 忘年会 was last night. Last year, they held it at a hard-to-find conference hall venue in Shinagawa, with long tables and long speeches, and the after-party was some distance away at an Irish-style pub. This year, it was at Antonio Inoki’s pro wrestling theme bar in Shinjuku, which was much easier to find, much livelier, and featured only one speech.Instructor attendance was much lower this year; I think the Japanese staff (who were required to attend) outnumbered us. Afterward, we moved two floors down in the same building for more food and drink. I even managed to catch the last train home in far better condition than last year.

    • The end of the year also means I’ll have six days off: the last three of this year and the first three of next. I have no desire to travel right now, so I figure I’ll do like I did last year: stay home and watch TV, play games, and do chores. (As of yet, I have no New Year plans.)

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