New Year 2016.

The New Year came and went as it always does, and just like last year, I managed to find something to do (with the same guy as last year, actually). Not long before midnight, I found myself in a club in 日本橋 (not to be confused with 日本橋 in Osaka), surrounded by hot chicks and foreign guys. The trains were on a limited schedule that night, so I was able to go home when I wanted — and let me tell you, it was weird to be on the train at four in the morning.

Also like last year, I had several days off. I spent it doing very little of consequence except laundry, and have no regrets about that.

I do have one piece of good news regarding my work schedule, though: As of this month, I’ll be back in 大森 on Friday evenings. It’s only the half day (instead of the full day I’ve been requesting), but it’s a start. Most importantly, it means that instead of going an hour each way to teach five lessons, I only have to go twenty minutes.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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