One-day snow.

I guess it couldn’t last forever. Whereas I went an entire winter without seeing a flake of snow last year, Tokyo got a helping of wet, heavy snow yesterday.

Thanks a lot, Tokyo.

In addition to the hazards of slush on the roads and sidewalk, the trains suffered delays across the board. By the time I had to go to work, the JR trains seemed to have recovered, but Keikyu was pretty seriously behind — they were handing out 電車遅延証明書 (train delay tickets) of 60 minutes like Halloween candy.

It strikes me as odd, by the way, that one of the largest cities in the world — a city that relies so much on its punctual trains — is stymied to that degree when it snows.

Of course, it didn’t last. There was barely a trace of the snow today, and the trains ran as normal. (Well, except for one unfortunate line that was delayed by a fallen tree.)


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