Odds and Ends (part 17).

  • As of January, I’m once again working at the 大森 school on Fridays. It isn’t the full day I had before — I start at 4:40 instead — but I still consider reclaiming one of my old schools a partial victory. My old students seem genuinely glad to see me, and it’s nice to be back so close to home on a half day.
  • I made another run at the international stores last week — just the two big ones — and loaded up so I don’t have to go back for a while. They really are nice places, if a little inconveniently-located.
  • I learned via a coworker that there’s a military-only hotel in 広尾 that features a Navy exchange where one can buy items not otherwise available in Japan (e.g. Pepto Bismol). Unfortunately, it requires a military ID to enter (or a friend with one who’ll let you accompany them). I know no one in the military here, nor do my ex-military friends. It’s… frustrating.
  • A couple weeks ago, I learned an old high school friend of mine has been coming to Tokyo recently on business. Last Sunday, I finally got to hang out with her. We started in a touristy craft-beer place in Roppongi, but moved to 鳥貴族 on my recommendation. We managed to eat and drink over 5000円 worth — which is pretty impressive at 280円 per item — and all on her company’s dime. Really, though, it was great to see her.

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