Odds & Ends (part 18).

  • As a favor to one of my bosses, I accepted a last-minute request to do a corporate contract with a major watchmaker here. I went to 麹町 four times for about two and a half hours on one of my days off every other week in February and March to teach customer-service English to watch-store employees. I started with six, but finished with three. Still, despite having to edit the poorly-translated dialogue on the fly, I feel like I did pretty well. If nothing else, it’ll look good on my résumé.
  • It turns out there’s a 成城石井 located in 大森, right by the station. This is good, because I can buy salsa, chips, and lime juice there without having to go far.
  • It also turns out I can buy things like rum and Irish cream cheaper at Bic Camera than any import store I’ve seen so far. The 有楽町 branch, for example, carries a nice-sized selection.
  • While I don’t normally suffer from hay fever, we’ve reached the time of year where the cedar tree pollen is especially heavy, and I’m not immune. I’m not to the point of wearing a surgical mask quite yet, though.

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