Odds & Ends (part 19).

  • After only three months of being in 大森 on Fridays, the company redrew their borders again, shoving that and the rest of the schools near my apartment into the Kanagawa region. Instead, I find myself in the quaint-but-distant 駒込 for the foreseeable future. The good news is that two of my 田町 students have found me there, which is a pleasant surprise.

  • We seem to have gotten an extra month of spring this year. I remember April of 2015 being hot and humid (i.e. summer), but this April has been chilly and windy, especially at night. I’m unable to adequately express just how thankful I am for this. Meanwhile, as soon as May clicked over, it’s like someone hit a switch.
  • People in Nagoya (Nagoyans? Nagoyites?) don’t normally walk up one side of escalators like they do in Tokyo and Osaka. It’s strange when you’re used to one side being for walking. They also tend to avoid the priority seats on trains if they’re not “eligible.”
  • After nearly two years, I finally bought a handheld vacuum. It’s a decently-powered Electrolux, and was under 5000円. No idea why it took me so long. Now I just need to find a place for it; the charging dock is a little large.
  • Commercials on Japanese trains periodically run ads that contain “footage” from TV shows or movies that don’t really exist. Some end up looking interesting enough that I wish they did. There was a short series a few months ago by one of the big phone companies featuring a realistic-looking buddy-cop show (which seems to have ended). The most recent is by the real estate company Home’s, who often use a young man dressed as Sherlock Holmes in print ads, but their recent commercials kinda make me wish they actually had a movie (minus the modern phone). [Link functional at the time of posting.]

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