Golden Week 2016: Nagoya (day 3, sorta).

Eight o’clock came too early Thursday morning. I went down for a shower, packed the last of my things, and left the hotel right about nine.

The problem with a nine o’clock checkout is that most places still aren’t open yet. A quick walk confirmed my suspicion that Sugakiya didn’t open until ten, and I couldn’t kill time in Lashinbang because it didn’t open until eleven. I was starving, so I settled on Denny’s. Over a disappointing toasted sandwich and mini-salad (from the breakfast menu, mind you), I decided I had two choices for the morning: I could pay to put my stuff into a coin locker and walk back down to Sasashima, kill time, and come back; or I could buy a Coke and go home. I chose the latter.

The train wasn’t crowded, and I managed to get an aisle seat (actually, three seats) to myself. My fatigue knocked me out soon after I got settled, and I awoke only when the train signaled we were nearing Shin-Yokohama.

I ended up getting home shortly after noon, unpacked, started the wash, and queued up my shows for download. The rest of the day was spent on laundry, groceries, games, and TV. It was good to be home.

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