Things You Find in Osaka that You Don’t Find in Tokyo

  • Coco!: This Okinawa/Kyushu/Kansai chain of convenience stores is unheard of in Kanto. However, since they recently got bought out by Family Mart, I doubt they’ll exist much longer.
  • 玉出: A huge chain of huge grocery/miscellaneous stores with huge yellow-and-red signs, Tamade has everything you need, 24 hours a day.
  • 500 mL/100円 Coke cans everywhere: In Tokyo, these cost-vs.-volume beauties can be hard to find. In Osaka, they’re pretty much everywhere.
  • Sangaria: A drink manufacturer I’d nearly forgotten about, Sangaria makes affordable beverages for everyone (regionally).
  • 100円 vending machines (sometimes less): These are everywhere in Osaka, and while you can’t usually get the big-name sodas in them, they carry some good (and some questionable) stuff. There are even a handful of machines with prices from 50-80円, though these are even riskier, and tend to be mostly water and cheap coffee.
  • Takoyaki stands: They’re everywhere, especially in tourist areas.
  • An appalling lack of subway escalators: Seriously. I’ve grown used to my comfortable moving staircases in Tokyo.

One thought on “Things You Find in Osaka that You Don’t Find in Tokyo

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