Odds & Ends (part 20).

  • My flight is booked and my days off approved; I’ll be going back to my little corner of the US for three weeks in August. To get the extra days, I’m working one extra day per week in July. Still, it’ll be worth it. (Naturally, I’ll update flight details, but Japan updates will be temporarily suspended while I’m gone.)
  • For the last several weeks, I’ve been visiting local clinics to deal with a post-cold cough I can’t seem to shake. After two visits to my local clinic, I was told to try an ENT down the road. Two more visits there and I was told to go back and ask my doctor what else I should do. I got a clean X-Ray and two weeks’ supply of a nasal spray which seems to be working, so we’ll see.
  • To combat the summer heat this year, I bought a smallish fan to push the cold air up into the loft, as well as a new contour pillow with a low rebound and a layer of gel packs on the top that keep the surface from getting warm. Neither was expensive, and both were worth the price. I might not yet sleep well, but I’m sleeping better.

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