Immigration (sucks).

Another year in Japan requires two things: renewal of my job contract and renewal of my visa (in that order). Before going back to the States, I’d done the former. Now that I was back in Japan, it was time to do the latter.

(I would have gone the week before if I hadn’t been hamstrung by my pneumonia, but despite still feeling less than myself, I absolutely had to go this week.)

I had intended to get an early start and try to go as close to 9:00 as possible, but I was exhausted and ended up arriving closer to 11:00. Still earlier than the year before, but the place was just as packed. I was told downstairs I was missing a tax form (the company sends it separately, so it’s always missing), as well as some other tax form I supposedly had to have gotten at the ward office. I also couldn’t use my previous-year’s passport photos because the picture was the same. Annoyed, I headed upstairs. I was told again at the first counter about my missing form — yes, I know it’s not here; the company will send it along separately; it’s how they always do it — and was given the number 295. Currently serving: 175.

I killed the next three-plus hours chatting with a friend via LINE, playing a Worms game on my Game Boy Micro, and dozing. Finally, they called me over, then sent me back to the first area because I needed something, then back to my final counter, and then I was free. Time elapsed: roughly four hours. Shorter than last time, anyway. I have to go back in a month or two when the postcard I filled out arrives so I can buy a 4000円 stamp and finalize everything. Provided I’m not sick next year, I really do need to get there when they open.

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