Odds & Ends (part 21).

  • The CT scanner that spotted my pneumonia (and cost me a lot for the privilege).

    While in the States, I managed to get sick for the last week home, and stayed sick in Japan. Took me three local clinic visits before my doctor referred me to a nearby university hospital, where they discovered I had pneumonia via an expensive CT scan. Between the local visits, the hospital visit, and a lost day of work due to fever, it’s been a pretty costly experience.
  • Now that I’ve lived in Japan long enough for the government to see how much I make annually, my monthly health insurance premium has increased by more than three times (from over 6000 to over 20,000). In addition, I now have to start paying a city tax, and it’s not cheap. If I lived in a more prominent ward, the amount would be even higher.
  • Summit, the grocery store near my home station, closed two days after I got back to Japan. My options now are Maruetsu (grocery prices, but not convenient to my home station), the Keikyuu grocery in Heiwajima (convenient when I’m coming home, not otherwise), or Family Mart (super-convenient, but lower selection and convenience-store prices).
  • I got a new laptop computer with Windows 10, which apparently isn’t good with torrents. However, I can still watch almost all of my shows via a handful of streaming apps (along with my mother’s information).
  • Musee, a chain of hair-removal salons, ran a train-ad campaign midsummer that featured a lovely, young woman and the slogan “Enjoy the Girl.” This stayed up for at least a week before being removed and eventually replaced with “Enjoy, Girls!” I regret that I didn’t get a photo.

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