A cadre of doctors.

One of the benefits of having health insurance here is that if I need to go to a doctor, I don’t feel bad about going.

Not that I run to a physician at the first sniffle, but if I have something I feel is a concern, I can just walk down the street to Dr. Ooya’s office (provided she’s open, of course). Since she’s just a general physician, she can’t always help, but she seems to be very well connected. Thanks to her, I have an ENT near Heiwajima Station, an orthopedist down from Umeyashiki Station, one kind of internal-med doc near Keikyu Kamata Station (her cousin, actually), a different kind of internal-med doc near Omori Station (an underclassman of hers, just up the steps and across the street from where I get my hair cut), and now a dermatologist right beside Omorimachi (my home) Station.

I’ve needed them, too. In the last month alone, I’ve gone to make sure I hadn’t broken a toe (I hadn’t), had a syringe full of blood drained off my right knee, and gotten some cream to deal with a longtime cosmetic rash on my arms.

I was talking to a student about this, saying how unusual it was for me to have such a variety of doctors. She looked at me and asked, “Are you okay?” I’m starting to wonder.


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