Odds and Ends (part 24).

  • As long as it took me to find a shortcut to my home station, it took even longer before I realized it was only slightly longer to walk to Heiwajima Station. This is significant because Heiwajima is a stop for not only the local Keikyu trains, but most of the faster ones as well. This means that even if I’d technically be running behind for Omorimachi, I can walk an extra couple minutes and catch the same train (or a faster one) at the next station down. It’s saved me on more than one occasion.
  • The toasted buns are what really make them so good.

    The Shake Shack in 有楽町 has become my go-to place for quality hamburgers. The station is on the way home from all of my schools, and the restaurant itself is just outside the International Forum Exit. I also recently tried their pork sausages with cheese sauce on toasted buns. I’m very pleased they have stores in Tokyo.

  • The laptop I bought last year was a “value laptop” (read: cheap), but adequate for my needs — especially after my friend Neil swapped the regular HDD with a solid state drive for nearly-instant bootup. Unfortunately, the machine lacked Bluetooth. So last week, I spent the equivalent of ten bucks to remedy that situation. Strange how little I used Bluetooth in America, since I had plenty of space to run cords and cables. Japan, not so much.
  • I seem to have finally rid myself of the NHK. I need to sign some form and mail it back, but aside from that, they tell me I’m no longer beholden to them, nor do I owe any more money. I just wish someone had warned me before I got here.



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