Quest for Bánh Mì.

I first learned of bánh mì, a kind of Vietnamese sandwich, after a friend of mine had been doing some research into Vietnamese culture for a pet project of his. Seeing as I live in the largest city in the world — conveniently located in Southeast Asia — I figured it would be relatively simple to find some.

My first bánh mì.

A quick internet search showed two places in Takadanobaba, neither of which was close, and another in Kamata, which is two stops away. I chose the Kamata location, a place called My-Le, close to JR Kamata Station. Without any internet hours posted, I learned the hard way that they were closed on Mondays, but eventually found the place open.

My dinner was a smallish baguette sub with pork and vegetables — a little too much cucumber, if I’m being honest — and a Vietnamese beer called 333 (“baabaabaa”). It was delicious, and because I so rarely go to Kamata, I bought a second one to go and ate it later.

This larger one was even better than the first one.

After some more research, I found a spot in Shibuya, which I could get to easily on my way home from my Sunday school, and stopped by. The place was called Bánh Mì Bánh Mì, located in the Tokyu Food Show, which is the basement floor of the Tokyu Building. Their sandwiches were slightly more expensive, but noticeably larger and more loaded. I bought two; the one they recommended was really good, but the meatball sub had too much coriander for my taste.

At this point, I think that I need to go to the Takadanobaba place, since it comes with the highest recommendation. Due to location and price, I can’t really have bánh mì often, but it makes for a nice treat once in a while.

4 thoughts on “Quest for Bánh Mì.

  1. “…a little too much cucumber…” That sums up the sandwiches in Japan pretty well. They pad them with cheap ingredients and cucumber is a favored filler.

    Also, if you’re going to write about food (which is a great topic), you have to post pictures of what you’re eating! Otherwise, we can’t properly applaud or sympathize. 😉

  2. I ‘ve found your blog☺️ and added the site to the bookmarks.
    I really like 333🍻too.

    By the way, I looked up a word -better off- in a dictionary, and it said that it’s the same as a word -well off-.
    Is it British ‘English?

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