Dietary Concerns.

If we’re talking about vices, specifically things you consume that aren’t really good for you, I have only one: Soda, more specifically cola. I drank it all the time in the States, and almost no one said a word. Here in Japan, though, I often find myself being told how unhealthy it is, or how I should drink something else, and how “I don’t drink soda any more.”

The weird part? It’s not Japanese people telling me this, it’s other foreigners. These include smokers, drinkers, and even one guy who often eats chocolate for breakfast.

Maybe I should be flattered that they’ve taken such an interest in my health.


The Tinders and The New Sanno (year 2).

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet the Tinders, a couple from my hometown who help out a lot with the Japanese kids coming to my University to study. My mother got to know them sometime more recently, and when they came to Japan last year, I got to meet up with them. They were nice enough to help me get into the New Sanno Hotel’s Navy Exchange, which netted me a nice haul of things I otherwise couldn’t get in Japan. It was also nice to catch up with people from home. Continue reading