The Tinders and The New Sanno (year 2).

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet the Tinders, a couple from my hometown who help out a lot with the Japanese kids coming to my University to study. My mother got to know them sometime more recently, and when they came to Japan last year, I got to meet up with them. They were nice enough to help me get into the New Sanno Hotel’s Navy Exchange, which netted me a nice haul of things I otherwise couldn’t get in Japan. It was also nice to catch up with people from home.

This year, they came back. I knew they would, since they booked their room while we were at the New Sanno last year. Not only were they going to let me visit, but they were bringing my netbook, which would allow me to start using BitTorrent again. (What made that even better was that my mother had stuffed a few things in the netbook bag.)

My haul of American treats.

They greeted me outside and we headed through the checkpoint, and I got to see their room. Nice enough, but even better knowing just how cheap it was. They handed me over the netbook, which I stuffed into my small backpack, and we decided to hit the stores first. I bought a pile of snacks, but also four bottles each of Pepto Bismol and my favorite shampoo from home. Next was lunch in the hotel dining room. As much as I tried to pay for lunch, they simply wouldn’t allow it. (If you’re curious, I got a huge burger with mushrooms, two cheeses, American bacon, lettuce, and tomato, all with a side of slaw and fries.)

After some more conversation, we said our goodbyes (with promises to meet up in August) and I left. On the way home, since I was already in Hiro-o, I stopped by National Azabu and managed to find some Kraft-brand macaroni and cheese boxes. All in all, it was a productive day.


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