Golden Week 2017: Nagoya (day 3).

I bid goodbye to my new favorite hotel Wednesday morning and headed out the door — but not before availing myself of the hotel’s luggage-storage service. Thus unburdened, I went out one last time.

Best-tasting bowl for the price.

Lunch was, of course, Sugakiya, and from there I went back to Sasashima for one last look around. While in Leisure Land (the game center), I actually spotted two of the girls who worked there when I used to visit every weekend. They both recognized me immediately and seemed pleased to see me. It’s always nice to be remembered.

My only other stop was Sakae, since I hadn’t had time to hit the Book Off the previous day. I ended up using my own IC card, since it was the cheapest option. They had nothing I wanted, so it was a short trip. Some quick backtracking to pick up my luggage, and I was soon waiting for my Shinkansen home. The train was far less crowded this time, probably owing to the fact that it was midweek (everyone who wanted to travel was already where they wanted to be and wouldn’t be coming back for another day or two), so I got a window/charger seat and settled in.

Since it looks unlikely I’ll be able to afford my usual Osaka visit this year, this trip was a little extra special. It’s always nice to get away, even if I don’t really go very far.


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