Golden Week 2017: A visit from old friends.

Longtime readers may remember my friend Josh, who was part of my first trip to Japan six years ago. I hadn’t seen him for a while before I left the States, so I was pleased when he contacted me and said he and his wife — a Chinese girl named Feilu whom I met the same night I met Josh — would be in Japan for a couple days during Golden Week. They had gone to Shanghai to visit her family, and had decided to make a brief detour into Tokyo.

Josh and Feilu.

We met early Friday morning, and while I had suggested a few other places to explore, they requested Akihabara. (I guess I’m most peoples’ next best thing to an expert, so I always end up going extra times in a week.) It being a weekday morning, I knew exactly no one working. Josh won Feilu a stuffed dog (from Crayon Shin-chan, apparently), we played some Taiko no Tatsujin, and then left for Shinbashi so they could eat. Since they’d never been to Ichiran, that’s where we ate, and they both agreed it was some pretty damn good ramen. (They also paid for my lunch, which was really nice of them.)

They had a little more sightseeing to do after that, and I was trying to conserve money after a lavish couple of weeks, so we parted ways. It was good to see both of them after so long.


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