Odds and Ends (part 25).

  • After feeling how comfortable the insoles my orthopedist sold me were, I went back for a second pair to put into my regular walking shoes. The difference was very noticeable, and he didn’t even charge me for the visit. There’s something to be said for having affordable access to specialist doctors.
  • Not long ago, Family Mart started carrying long pieces of buttered, seasoned garlic bread. Not the best I’ve had, but still pretty good, especially considering how hard it is to find garlic bread here. Not long after, they began stocking banana bread as well — one thick slice, and not really cheap, but again, better than the lack thereof.
  • I got a chest cold a few weeks ago that robbed me of my voice. After multiple doctor visits, my ENT finally decided to go all Sam Fisher on me and put a snake-camera up my nose and down my throat to look at my vocal cords. This required me to sit way forward, head up, and periodically swallow as he steadily shoved the thing down my gullet. I could see everything on a screen in front of me, and had it been someone else, I might have thought it was much more interesting. (As of this writing, I managed to catch a head cold less than a month after the chest cold was gone, shake it, and finally regain my voice.)
  • Spring in Tokyo this year lasted for something like an extra month. There were a few overly-warm days, but nights were downright chilly. I don’t expect it next year, but it was a welcome change from what I’m used to here. (As of now, it’s basically summer.)
  • After something like a year, I finally located a US radio station that plays the old 1970s AT40 shows on my Sunday nights after work. It’s somewhere in New York State, but they stream without any problems, and I don’t even have to use an app.

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