My Illustrious 中京テレビ Interview, or How to Be Famous for Nine Seconds in Nagoya

Remember when I got interviewed by the TV station outside the Nagoya Mandarake? Turns out the show is called “Nagoya Anime Project,” and focuses on anime-related stuff in a city not famous for it. Generally, when people think of anime, they think of studios in Kobe, Osaka, or Tokyo. Nagoya seems to be trying to change that, so they’ve begun a short segment — seriously, it’s generally around eight minutes or so. It runs twice a week, alternating between a general nerd-interest show (Thursdays) and one that focuses specifically on Nagoya animators (Mondays).

I thought they’d show me much sooner, but it wasn’t until the fifth week that they finally put my interview portion (technically, a portion of a portion) on. Not my most flattering interview, but hey — I was on TV! (Okay, if you really want to be technical, my face had a one-second appearance in a montage of people-being-interviewed on the third week.)

Here’s the video page.

From what I can tell, this video is region-locked, and will probably require a VPN for those of you not in Japan. I can’t guarantee how long it will stay up, either; as of this writing, it works fine. (If you’re seriously impatient, skip ahead about two minutes.)


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