Three high school girls, a tough-talking truck driver, and a bilingual dog.

Working more or less full time and not having the money to take Japanese classes has stalled my language learning here. I may have endless opportunities to practice what I know, but few chances to expand it. Thus, I’ve gone back to my original study method: Video Games. Continue reading


Movie Title Switcheroo.

Trying to translate one language to another, especially from different families, is a delicate business. For example, the recent Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart movie Central Intelligence is called “A Spy and a Half” in Spanish due to colloquial differences. As you might have guessed, movie titles between Japan and Hollywood often have more drastic changes. Continue reading

My Japanese teacher.

(A warning: This entry is incredibly long and contains frank and negative opinions on my university Japanese teacher. You have been warned.)

I’ve mentioned a couple times that prior to college, I had to teach myself much of the Japanese I knew. Thus, when I decided to go back and finish school, I was excited to finally learn from a real teacher in a real setting. Unfortunately, I was to be disappointed. Continue reading