American Vacation 2017 (going home).

As I do every year, I took a trip back to my home town in August. Continue reading


The kindness of (elderly) strangers.

I got caught in some heavy rain today while running errands. The weather had been fine when I left, so I had no umbrella, and I was getting really soaked. While waiting for a crossing signal, a little old lady spotted me and hurried over to share her umbrella. I thanked her, but noted that she was getting wet now and that I was just going to the Ito Yokado ahead of us. I hurried ahead once the light changed, thanking her as I left.

I think I’ll stay in Japan a while longer.

Golden Week 2017: A visit from old friends.

Longtime readers may remember my friend Josh, who was part of my first trip to Japan six years ago. I hadn’t seen him for a while before I left the States, so I was pleased when he contacted me and said he and his wife — a Chinese girl named Feilu whom I met the same night I met Josh — would be in Japan for a couple days during Golden Week. They had gone to Shanghai to visit her family, and had decided to make a brief detour into Tokyo. Continue reading