Don’t worry ’bout my recovery.

After a second visit to Touhou University Hospital this morning, the doctor says my pneumonia is gone. The lingering cough is common, he said, and should vanish within a month. If it’s not gone in three more weeks, I’m to go back in. I also wasn’t prescribed any medicine this time, which is good; I was tired of taking so many damn pills. Finally, they only took a regular X-ray this time instead of a costly CT scan, which effectively shortened my bill by an entire decimal place.

Papers, please.

After spending a few hours conversing and having some pints with a friend, we stopped in Shinagawa Station to part ways. A policeman walked up and asked if we were tourists, and we said no, we live in Tokyo. He then asked to see our 在留 cards. Just over two years here and I finally got asked for my card. It’s as annoying as people say.

I assumed the cop was bored, while my friend felt the guy wanted to practice his English. Either way, I didn’t much like it.

Odds & Ends (part 21).

  • The CT scanner that spotted my pneumonia (and cost me a lot for the privilege).

    While in the States, I managed to get sick for the last week home, and stayed sick in Japan. Took me three local clinic visits before my doctor referred me to a nearby university hospital, where they discovered I had pneumonia via an expensive CT scan. Between the local visits, the hospital visit, and a lost day of work due to fever, it’s been a pretty costly experience. Continue reading