Odds and Ends (part 25).

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Bits of Japan.

This post will detail interesting points about Japan (or at least things I find interesting). New additions will “bump” it to the top of my feed.

  • Circle K Sunkus recently merged with Family Mart to become an even larger convenience chain (though they seem to all be keeping their respective names for now). I only noticed because Sunkus’ hot food changed from their own unremarkable fare to Family Mart-branded stuff.
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Golden Week 2017: A visit from old friends.

Longtime readers may remember my friend Josh, who was part of my first trip to Japan six years ago. I hadn’t seen him for a while before I left the States, so I was pleased when he contacted me and said he and his wife — a Chinese girl named Feilu whom I met the same night I met Josh — would be in Japan for a couple days during Golden Week. They had gone to Shanghai to visit her family, and had decided to make a brief detour into Tokyo. Continue reading

Dietary Concerns.

If we’re talking about vices, specifically things you consume that aren’t really good for you, I have only one: Soda, more specifically cola. I drank it all the time in the States, and almost no one said a word. Here in Japan, though, I often find myself being told how unhealthy it is, or how I should drink something else, and how “I don’t drink soda any more.”

The weird part? It’s not Japanese people telling me this, it’s other foreigners. These include smokers, drinkers, and even one guy who often eats chocolate for breakfast.

Maybe I should be flattered that they’ve taken such an interest in my health.