About serial and “bump” entries.

The longer I keep this blog, the more I find myself writing about different aspects of a single subject, or adding to existing entries when I have new information. Thus, I offer this handy guide:

Game Center Spotlight: I’m a big fan of Japanese game centers, which have prizes and rules different from any arcade I’ve ever seen. GCS entries focus on a specific aspect of these lucrative businesses.

Standard Japarational Procedure: SJP is a term I’ve coined to describe a Japanese way of doing something that notably differs from how we do it in the West (or at least in the US). Entries headed with SJP focus on my criticism of these processes and their effectiveness.

Odds and Ends: This numbered series is reserved for pieces of information about my life that I think are worth mentioning, but don’t warrant their own individual entries.

Bits of Japan: This entry will be updated and “bumped” to the top of my entries every so often with trivia about Japan.

Fine Dining and Cheap Grub: Formerly a single entry (plus a list of maid cafés), these entries focus on restaurants. FD&CG posts will be “bumped” any time I add a new location to one of them.