Bits of Japan.

This post will detail interesting points about Japan (or at least things I find interesting). New additions will “bump” it to the top of my feed.

  • Circle K Sunkus recently merged with Family Mart to become an even larger convenience chain (though they seem to all be keeping their respective names for now). I only noticed because Sunkus’ hot food changed from their own unremarkable fare to Family Mart-branded stuff.
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I read years ago that about 11% of spoken Japanese was borrowed English. Since then, I’ve learned that they don’t necessarily use all of those borrowed words correctly; many of them have been given (for lack of a better phrase) incorrect meanings in Japanese. This is called “wasei eigo.”

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Lies I Was Told About Japan, or Stuff that Might Be True in the Country but Not in the City

The Lie: Some Japanese (especially children) are so unused to foreigners, they will want to touch your hair.
The Truth: This has never happened to me or anyone I know (except the person who told this to me). I can only guess this is something that happens only in the deep rural areas, or happened in the past. Continue reading