Odds and Ends (part 28).

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Odds and Ends (part 24).

    • As long as it took me to find a shortcut to my home station, it took even longer before I realized it was only slightly longer to walk to Heiwajima Station. This is significant because Heiwajima is a stop for not only the local Keikyu trains, but most of the faster ones as well. This means that even if I’d technically be running behind for Omorimachi, I can walk an extra couple minutes and catch the same train (or a faster one) at the next station down. It’s saved me on more than one occasion.
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Odds & Ends (part 23).

Plenty of lines, but nothing to say:

  • I spotted one of my old Tamachi students, Natsuki, at the 7-11 near Heiwajima Station. I almost didn’t recognize her, but she was my cashier. The problem: She had completely forgotten me. Nothing I said jogged her memory, though she did at least believe that I had been her teacher. I’ve always said that at least 95% of the people who meet me remember me forever, while the remainder forget me immediately after our association. Looks like Natsuki falls into the latter category.
  • The company’s closing earlier for the new year in 2016, meaning that this time around, I’ll have nine days off. Due to my regular days off falling immediately after the break, it was actually to be eleven days off, but the school closest to my place needed someone on the tenth day, so I agreed to work. The plan is to catch up on sleep and spend very little money.