Odds and Ends (part 24).

  • As long as it took me to find a shortcut to my home station, it took even longer before I realized it was only slightly longer to walk to Heiwajima Station. This is significant because Heiwajima is a stop for not only the local Keikyu trains, but most of the faster ones as well. This means that even if I’d technically be running behind for Omorimachi, I can walk an extra couple minutes and catch the same train (or a faster one) at the next station down. It’s saved me on more than one occasion.
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The Kindness of Students.

A few weeks ago, a student and I were discussing things that aren’t easy to get in Japan, and I mentioned I was nearly out of fluoridated toothpaste. She told me she was going to Hong Kong the following week and would see if she could find me any.

Today, she caught me at a different branch and handed me a bag with two large tubes of Colgate. Needless to say, I was really grateful.