The time a B+ forced me to stay home for five days.

Last Tuesday, just as I was recovering from the lingering symptoms of a head cold, I found myself coughing hoarsely from the chest and feeling pretty unpleasant. Afraid the cold had become another sinus infection, I headed out to the hospital on Wednesday morning.

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I read years ago that about 11% of spoken Japanese was borrowed English. Since then, I’ve learned that they don’t necessarily use all of those borrowed words correctly; many of them have been given (for lack of a better phrase) incorrect meanings in Japanese. This is called “wasei eigo.”

Some examples:

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Bits of Japan.

This post will detail interesting points about Japan (or at least things I find interesting). New additions will “bump” it to the top of my feed.

  • According to one of my students, Japanese men are not permitted visitation rights for their children after a divorce unless their exes specifically allow it. They are, however, still expected to pay alimony.
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